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is the perfect accessory for any straight or cup mute.  Designed to clip on any music stand leg, each Mute-Grip™ holds one mute at a comfortable arms-length distance from the player.  Quick mute changes are easier with a Mute-Grip™, and it helps prevent dropping a mute or searching for the right mute during performance.  You can clip on multiple Mute-Grips™ on the same stand to hold as many mutes as you might need.  Each Mute-Grip™ is small and can be easily stored in gig bag or instrument case.

Mute Grip Mute Grip

(Click images for larger view - music stand and mute in photo are for display purposes only and are not include


Music Stand Clips  (reg. $12.95/pair)...
These clip-on plastic sheet music stand clips (by Musicmaide) are the best way to keep your music from blowing away while performing an outdoor concert. The transparent music holders simply slide onto the shelf of your music stand securing your music while still allowing for fast song transitions and easy page turns. Fits all music stands including, Manhasset, Wenger, Hamilton, K&M, and many others. They even work on band stand fronts.  Each order includes 2 clips.

MusicMaide Music Stand Clip